The world of animal puppets is filled with stereotypes, and in this episode of the Gay Anime podcast, we’re talking about an animal muppets that are so gay that he’s asked to kiss his boyfriend, but in his case, that’s just what he’s doing.

We asked the actor who plays the animal molester to tell us a bit more about the character and why he made him.

He said that he had always wanted to make an animal puppet in his day job, so he knew exactly what he was doing.

He added that his mother had been a puppeteer, and that she had made some animals like the ones that he plays.

He said that in a recent episode, the character was actually asked to “kiss” his boyfriend in a scene where the puppeteers and the character were talking.

He also said that the puppet was a little awkward at first, but that he did his best to make it more natural and funny.

In the episode, which airs on April 15, the puppet, who is named Serenity, is trying to keep his girlfriend from seeing his new girlfriend, but she starts to suspect something is amiss when he begins kissing her.

Serenice is very happy to see his girlfriend, and is trying his best not to kiss her.

He then tries to keep himself from kissing her too much, but ends up doing so anyway.

Serenity ends up kissing his girlfriend too much and ends up in the hospital, so his mother has him put him in a nursing home, which he calls a friend’s home.

The puppeteering and kissing scenes ended up being the only scenes in the episode that weren’t cut.

In another scene, Serenities mother, who was also a puppetry teacher, starts making a big deal out of Serenite being gay.

In the scene, the puppetry instructor is playing with Serenith, and they start kissing and whispering.

Then, Serene says to the puppet, “I think I’m gay, too.”

The scene ends with Serendity telling Serenoth, “Oh, S. I know, I’m so glad you are,” and Serenitys mother responds, “Thank you.”

It’s a scene that’s very familiar to us in the LGBT community, as it was a scene from the show Homestar Runner, in which the main character’s girlfriend is told that she’s gay by a professor who’s making fun of her appearance.

So it’s pretty much a common trope that gay characters are treated differently from straight characters in the media.

As far as Serenness, he’s a male character, and the puppet’s mother is a male and the puppets father is a female.

The actor who portrays Serenites mother told us that her mother is an animal lover and that her father was a veterinarian.

We’ve reached out to the actor for more information about his mother.

We can’t wait to hear what you think of the episode!

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