With a cast that includes “Naked” star Naoko Matsumoto, “Anime Nude” stars Tetsuo Inui, Maki Otsuka, Ai Kayano and Yukari Miyuki as the main characters, “Nude” is the latest anime to receive the “Best of Anime” award from Anime News Network.

“Nudity is about expressing oneself through nakedness, in this case, an actual naked woman,” Matsumotos, who won a Golden Globe for “Anthropomorphism” last year, said in a statement.

“The nudity in ‘Animes Naked’ is about what a naked person feels, what a person feels when they are in the nude.”

“Anime nudity is not only about sex but also about sexuality, body image, and body expression,” said the film’s director, Akira Toriyama.

“Animes nudity is a form of expression that is both subtle and powerful, allowing people to feel the full range of the human body, which is in turn the result of a person’s self-expression.

That’s why ‘Animate Naked’ stands as a powerful and timeless statement about freedom.”

The film’s trailer, released on Monday, also includes some more nudity.

“Mankind is a beautiful thing and all of us are unique.

But sometimes it is hard to tell what is good and what is bad,” Matsumsukas says, before saying that she has never watched an anime with naked characters before.

“That’s what I love about anime.

If I didn’t watch anime, I would have to do it all by myself.

But as a director, I can’t do it alone.”

The award was given to the most recent title released in 2017 by the New York Film Festival.

It’s an annual honor for a film or series that was nominated for an award by the organization, which also recognizes independent films, documentaries, and short films.

The awards, which are voted on by the film and television industries, are announced by the festival and are presented by the American Society of Cinematographers.

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