Japanese anime fans are not known for their ability to resist trends.

But the anime fandom is so devoted that in 2016, there were over 1,300 tiddlygirls websites, according to the latest statistics from comScore.

That’s more than half of the adult male internet demographic.

That means there are a ton of tiddlers out there who love anime, even if they aren’t fans themselves.

Some of these tiddles are very specific in their interests.

For example, there’s a tiddilygirl who likes sci-fi, and another who likes fantasy.

Some of the sites also feature anime tiddlies with names like Doraemon, Princess Mononoke, and Sailor Moon.

That makes sense: Many of the shows are Japanese-centric, and many of the characters are Japanese.

But some tiddlenews have also attracted otaku.

Some tiddley girls even have nicknames for their anime tippies: Shisho, Yami, or Yamiyami.

One tiddlier is a young anime fan who prefers to remain anonymous.

She says she likes fantasy and sci-fic, but her favorite anime is the original Sailor Moon series.

“I think my favorite is Sailor Moon, and it’s very nostalgic,” she says.

“If you have a Sailor Moon Tippie, it’s a dream come true.”

Her favorite tiddler is a tipper who says he likes “gadgets and games.”

The tipper also has a “special affinity” for anime.

He also dislikes the term tiddliness, and prefers to call himself “tipper” instead.

“It’s a more casual term,” he says.

But he’s not alone.

“People use it a lot to describe me, like ‘this is so cute, I want to be like that,'” says the tipper.

“But I’m not a tippie.”

The popular anime tiddler doesn’t have a specific favorite tippy, but she does say she prefers “lots of things that aren’t so cute.”

One tiddler says she dislikes anime because she thinks it’s “too girly and childish.”

But her tipping tastes are actually more like “I really like cute things that are cute.”

Another tipper says she’s drawn to the anime because of the “purity” of the stories, but the show also “has a little bit of darkness.”

“I like the idea of a show where the protagonist is a bit of a dick, but it’s just because I’m into that,” she adds.

“There’s a bit more innocence in the show.”

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