The Australia of the future will not be the country we think, but the one we have always wanted to live in.

Australia is set to become the first country to vaccinate all its animals and residents in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, a major step towards the country’s ambitious plan to build a community of the homeless.

The decision to implement the measures is an important milestone for Australia, which is set for the first time to make it compulsory to vaccine all the countrys 4 million residents, and more than 80 per cent of its population.

The move has been criticised by animal rights activists and some people who say the move is too ambitious and is likely to push the country to the bottom of the global food chain.

“It’s a very significant development for Australia and is a major leap forward for the country,” said Dr Sarah Larkin, director of the Australian Centre for Animal Welfare.

Larkin is one of the people who are calling for a national vaccination program for all animals.

“A lot of people say that’s the way to go.

But I think there’s a big question mark as to whether we will have any choice at all,” she told Al Jazeera.”

The animals will be vaccinated, the public will be protected, and the cost is minimal.”

Larkin believes Australia is on the right track to becoming the first nation to have an effective and cost-effective vaccination program, but has doubts that its current policies will actually work.

“I do believe that we have a lot of work to do, but I do think we have the right intentions and a lot to work on,” she said.

“We need to vaccinating all our animals.

I do not think there is a single animal on the planet that is not protected by our current vaccination policies.”

Dr Larkin believes that Australia should consider introducing a national mandatory vaccination program similar to that in Germany.

“Germany is a country where they do a very good job with vaccinating people,” she explained.

“In Australia, we should look to Germany as a model, because they do very good work.

It’s a really good example for Australia.”

Lacking a national program in place, the plan is for Australia to follow Germany and introduce a “global vaccination program” that would be administered by a consortium of the countries best trained animal welfare professionals.

Australia currently has no animal welfare laws in place and has been under a series of state-sponsored culls that have seen thousands of animals killed for their meat.

“Everywhere in Australia, animals are being slaughtered,” said Larkin.

“And if we don’t take action now, they’re going to be going out the door in the next couple of weeks.”

The culls, which started in late December, have seen some animals killed without the proper permits.

The culling has been a key factor in Australia’s economic and social decline, with a sharp rise in the number of deaths.

Despite Australia’s rapid slide in the world’s animal population, Larkin said that its population has not fallen too much, and that Australia’s efforts to combat the pandemic should be applauded.

“Australia has the right to do things differently, but we also have to take a lot more responsibility for our own health,” she added.

Australia has become the only developed country that does not mandate vaccination for its residents, but Dr Larkin has doubts about the country adopting the plan in the future.

“You can’t say we are in denial about the pandemics.

It could be that the world is going to continue to grow,” she warned.”

So Australia needs to be vigilant and be proactive.”

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has previously promised to vaccidate all Australians if he becomes prime minister, but Larkin worries that this could have the opposite effect.

“People will think, ‘Oh, we can’t possibly do that because I’m going to die’,” she said, “because I’m not going to get a shot.”

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