I had a very happy and healthy summer last year.

I got to experience the joy of watching DC’s animated movies and enjoying the diversity of the DC Universe.

And I did it all while watching DC Comics animated films, which are one of my favorite genres.

But now, DC Animated movies are on the brink of being relegated to the trash bin of anime. 

In 2017, DC’s animation movies ranked dead last on the list of the most popular entertainment genres. 

The decline of DC Animated has been so profound that it’s difficult to believe that a decade ago, it was considered the highest-grossing animated feature in history. 

It’s also worth noting that DC Animated films were not the only animated movie to drop off the charts. 

For instance, The Secret Life of Pets made it onto the list, but that’s a whole other story.

The most popular animated movie of all time was Frozen, which was actually Disney’s last animated film in 2018.

Disney had been pushing its animated film line for years, but with Frozen, Disney finally decided to go all in and build a fully animated feature film franchise that was truly something new.

Frozen: Journey to the Center of Ice  is a film that was the result of Disney thinking outside the box, even if it was still in its infancy.

Disney and Pixar, who made the film, had spent years trying to figure out how to create a Disney movie that had no sequels or spinoffs.

The film had the same core formula as its predecessor,  Frozen, but it was animated with a modern technology and used CGI.

Disney even took time to make its films look and feel like a Pixar movie, so when it came to making animated films for the home, Pixar was able to pull off a feat that no other studio could.

Disney’s animation films were often at odds with each other and with the way they were marketed. 

They often felt like they were selling out, even as they were making more money than ever before.

It’s impossible to pinpoint exactly when it became apparent that the film’s audience wasn’t ready for a sequel. 

When the studio decided to discontinue production on Frozen, it had one of the biggest effects on the movie industry in a decade.

Disney lost millions of dollars in box office revenue and millions of people went to see a film they thought was dead. 

After Frost was discontinued, Disney tried to revive the franchise with the release of Frozen Fever, which introduced an entirely new audience to the franchise.

But the franchise lost ground as the popularity of Disney animated films declined and the company lost its license to distribute them. 

By 2019, Disney was no longer allowed to make animated films anymore, and Disney had decided to put the franchise on indefinite hiatus. 

This means that Fantasia and Furious 7 are the only films that have not been released for over a decade and a half.

It’s sad to see Disney’s animation legacy on the rocks, but I’m not too worried.

There are a lot of exciting, exciting films in the pipeline that will take the DC Animated universe to new heights. 

We have to keep fighting for these films, and I’m excited to see what comes next for DC Animated.

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