The National Park Service has added another step to its pet crossing checklist, and now requires owners to register their animals with the agency.

The agency is making the change in an effort to reduce the number of deaths at its pet crossings.

The number of pet owners who die in these accidents dropped from 574 to 474 in the last decade, but it is still one of the largest sources of deaths.

“It’s one of those things that can be frustrating,” said NPS spokesperson Julie Acker.

“It’s like a bad habit, and it doesn’t get better.

We want to make sure that people who want to take their pet out are aware of the risks.”

The new registration process is the latest step the agency has taken to reduce pet fatalities.

In February, the agency released its first “best practice” guide for pet owners, which advises them to register all their pets, including their own.

The guide also advises them on the proper care of their pets.

The new guidelines are also aimed at helping pet owners understand the signs and symptoms of an animal crossing, as well as how to communicate with their pets while crossing.

The new regulations are in place to address a growing number of fatal animal crossing accidents.

A total of 1,945 animals died at the park in 2016, with the majority of those deaths occurring on the West Coast.

That number rose to 2,742 in 2017.

The latest statistics from the National Park System show the majority (58 percent) of the fatalities at the West Cascades pet crossings were due to collisions with other animals.

In 2017, the number fell to 817 deaths, which represented a 4.7 percent drop from the previous year.

In 2016, the figure stood at 1,876, which was a 9.5 percent drop.

The majority of the deaths (59 percent) occurred on the East Coast, with only 1,068 fatalities on the west coast.

“The biggest thing we’re trying to do is help us better educate people about how they should handle their animals and also how they’re supposed to behave,” said Acker, who also pointed out that the agency was also working to prevent fatalities by educating people about the signs of an injury or illness.

The NPS is looking to expand the registration process to include dogs and cats as well, with Acker saying the agency would soon be introducing the option for those to register dogs and cat owners as well.

Currently, the NPS only requires owners of domestic dogs and domestic cats to register them.

However, the new requirements will include both dogs and other pets, so it will be up to the NPD to determine whether or not they should also require pet owners to be registered.

The agency will also have to determine how many of the 4,000 or so registered dogs and their owners would qualify for a waiver, which will help to ensure that the vast majority of animals are properly registered.

The goal is to make the pet crossing process as simple and as easy for pet people as possible, said Aker.

“The pet crossing itself is one of these things that just feels like a good fit for people.

If we’re really going to make it safe for people to be able to take a pet out on the trail, we need to make them feel like they’re doing something right.”

Acker also noted that the NPG is working with the National Association of Retired Persons to work with pet owners on the registration issue.

AARP has also been working with pet safety advocates to work on a number of public awareness initiatives to help pet owners better understand the risks of pet crossing.

“We’re working with our veterinary associations, our animal welfare groups, our veterinary medical societies to try to increase awareness of the risk of pet crossings, and we’re working to raise awareness of animal health,” Acker said.

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