Glass animals are among a new breed of animals emerging from the heart of China that can be captured and bred in captivity for the Chinese government.

A team from the National Institutes of Animal Welfare is developing new technologies to help the zoo keep animals in the wild and the technology is being used to help train zoos to house and care for the animals.

“Glass is a new type of animal, it’s not a natural animal.

It’s not like an animal that you can just put in a cage and raise,” said Jennifer Cauley, a zoo expert and director of the Chinese zoos division at the nonprofit World Animal Protection.

She said glass animals could help zoo keepers better manage their animals and keep zoos from running out of room.

The zoo in Chengdu, in the central province of Henan, has more than 4,000 animals, including more than 200 glass animals.

The group has about 200 glass rabbits, which are the most common in zoos, and another 250 glass fish.

There are also more than 2,000 glass fish, with a large number of them living at Chengdu’s zoos.

But some of the glass animals that are bred in zoons are in poor condition, and the government needs to find ways to help keep them in the zoo, said Zhao Jianlin, a director at Chengde Zongguo Zoo, which is in the northeastern province of Shandong.

“Zoos can’t be like that, and they have to think about it more carefully,” Zhao said.

The Chengde Zoo has more glass animals than any other zoos in China, with more than 7,000 of them.

Some glass animals are in very poor condition.

The glass rabbits and glass fish are kept in cages and are not allowed to roam free, said Chengde zongguos manager Zhou Xiuwen.

Zoos have to ensure they have a veterinary care plan for all their animals, he said.

Glass animals can have a range of health problems, and there are concerns they can develop allergies.

Glass rabbits have been known to get skin infections.

“The best way to treat them is to give them a high-quality diet, and also keep them clean,” Zhou said.

But the glass fish can be particularly sensitive to certain medicines and other chemicals, and have a tendency to die if they are left in the water.

Chengde officials are also worried that the glass rabbits may be a danger to the public.

They are bred to produce baby glass rabbits in zongzhou, or factories, which they use to make the animals’ food.

That makes them particularly vulnerable to diseases and infections that could infect the glass animal.

Zheng Lijun, director of Chengde’s National Agricultural Research Center, said he is monitoring the glass rabbit situation closely.

Chengdu is home to some of China’s largest zoos and is home, he noted, to some very wealthy people.

“It’s really sad that these glass animals die because they cannot be cared for,” Zheng said.

“But we need to think carefully about it, because it is a concern for the society.”

The Chengdu zongzu zoo is part of the Chengde Agricultural and Cultural Museum.

The zoos are housed in the Chengdu Agricultural Research Centre.

The center has been helping Chengde with research on the effects of plastic waste and pollution on the environment.

Zongzhou has a number of glass and glassfish farms in the city, as well as glass and rabbit farms.

Zheng said the Chengdians hope to continue working with the Chinese and international zoos on research on new technologies for keeping glass animals in captivity.

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