A new video has been released to encourage people to create Japanese anime mouths in a video game.

The video is called “Ji no Uta” and was made in collaboration with Japanese animation studio, AiHentai, and shows the creation of a mouth with a camera attached to a puppet.

The mouth is made of clay and a camera is attached to the puppet head.

AiHetai was founded in 2011 by the creator of the original AiHime video game, and the studio has been known to create anime mouth-related products before.

However, this is the first time a mouth has been created using clay and an artificial intelligence.

The animation in the video shows the mouth created by AiHietai, a clay-like clay that resembles the clay in a mouth from a popular Japanese video game called “Otoko.”

The clay is used for the mouth and the puppet is a clay horse.

The puppet head is a robotic horse with a mouth that resembles that of a human.

In the video, a young girl named Ako Miyazaki (who plays the part of a young otoko) creates the clay mouth by hand, using clay from a home-made home-designed doll and making several clay bowls to make them from.

She is then asked to help out by a friend, Miyazaki said.

A new AiHite video has recently been released in Japan, and is being seen as a symbol of the Japanese animation industry.

“I’m glad that we’ve been able to contribute to the development of an anime mouth in such a simple way,” Miyazaki, who is in her early 20s, told The Verge.

“We are able to bring to life the concept of this clay and its unique characteristics.”

Miyazaki added that the clay-making technique could also be used to make other items in the future.

The clay-maker in the new video, Aihietai’s Miyako Yoshimura, told the Verge that the process of making the clay was quite simple and “we did not have any specific idea.”

“The clay we made from clay was simply made by hand and it took just one day,” Yoshimura said.

“To make this, we used the same process we use for creating a clay sculpture or sculpture that is made by a professional sculptor.

It’s the same thing that we do in a clay sculptor’s workshop.”

Miyako also told The Huffington Post that clay is not the only material used in the creation process.

“It’s not just a clay thing, but it’s a lot of different materials,” she said.

Miyako added that clay-based art has been popular since ancient times.

“The first clay paintings that we see were made by people from China and the ancient Greeks,” she explained.

“In China, the first clay painting is called the ‘Sculpture of the Buddha.'”

The clay used in these paintings, which Miyako said was used from the seventh to tenth centuries B.C., was used to produce “painting tiles,” or clay sculptures.

In fact, the “Buddha” tiles from the eighth to ninth centuries B-C.E. were said to have been made from “sulphur-based clay.”

“In the tenth century, the Chinese developed an art of clay, and they made a lot more clay sculptures,” Miyako explained.

The “Bodhisattva” tiles were made from an even finer variety of clay called “kimchi,” which is the same kind of clay used for making clay sculptures in China and Europe.

“But clay sculpture is still not well known in the West,” Miyamura told The Guardian.

“A lot of the people who have worked in this field have not done anything with clay and so have not been able find a way to make the clay sculpture.”

Miyaku added that there were also clay sculptures made from stone and clay pipes.

“Many of the clay sculptures that we made in our workshop are of the stone sculpture,” she added.

“So clay sculpture, and a lot like sculpture, can also be made with the use of clay pipes.”

Miyuko said that clay sculpture was used for “making bowls and other objects, but there are some other things that can be made by using clay pipes,” as well.

“Some of these things are actually more difficult to make, but the clay pipes are more stable and are more efficient,” Miyuki said.

The idea of clay clay and artificial intelligence “There are many kinds of clay in nature, but they are all clay,” Miyakos said.

In some cases, it is the “budding” or “fleshing” that happens during the process that allows the clay to become a solid substance, Miyakako said.

Some clay is so soft that it can be used as a mortar, and some clay is even a “brass” and “steel” and are “eas

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