When a superstar died in the line of duty, it sparked a firestorm.

And the world needs more animal rescue organizations.

That was the message from the founder of the nonprofit Animal Rescue Site, who said on Tuesday that the death of his former dog, Lola, has been a turning point for the animal rescue community.

Lola was Lola.

She was the star of a TV show called “Dangerous Liaisons” in 2006.

She also starred in a movie called “Lola” that was released in 2013.

Lolita was Lolas favorite dog.

It was one of the best dogs I had ever had.

She loved to play with me and she would chase me and I would chase her and she was really kind of like a pet.

It just made her so much fun to be around and she made me feel like I had something special and special in my life.

When the show ended, she died.

Her death was the last straw.

That was the most devastating thing that could have happened to her.

It has changed the world for me.

I’m just so happy that she’s gone.

It’s a very emotional day for me because I love her.

I loved her so very much.

It’s a tragedy that we can’t replace that.

We cannot replace that, but I am very happy and grateful for her passing.

The news that Lola was dead brought tears to her eyes.

It brought tears of joy.LOLICA died after being hit by a car.

She died of natural causes.

She suffered multiple fractures and died from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Animal Rescue Site founder and CEO Mark O. Ollison is one of more than 1,200 animal rescue groups worldwide.

He said he knew he wanted to take on this role.

When I got to Animal Rescue site, I thought, well, what do I want to do?

I thought, this is a great opportunity to make a difference.

We are the only organization in the world that is dedicated to rescuing animals.

We rescue about one animal every minute.

That’s a lot of animals that we have to rescue.

I think that when you think of Animal Rescue, it’s the only animal rescue that is a group of dedicated volunteers.

We have a board of directors that is elected by volunteers.

So, there is a process of getting people to sign up, there are rules of conduct, there’s a board that approves of things.

We’ve got to be accountable for everything that we do, so that when the time comes to make an announcement, that there is accountability.

I don’t want people to think that it’s just for fun.

We’re not.

We want to help animals in a very serious way.

We do have a lot in common.

Our mission statement is that we are all animals in need of loving homes.

We rescue animals to keep them safe from the people that care about them.

So we do that by making the lives of these animals a living hell and we are the first ones that we rescue.

We also are very committed to making sure that animals have a safe environment.

So when we rescue, we make sure that we protect the animals, we take care of the animals.

And we’re very concerned about the environment.

There are so many places in the U.S. that are considered dangerous for animals.

It is a dangerous place to raise animals.

So the fact that we’ve got a board and that we’re accountable for every animal that comes through the door is the greatest gift that we get.

I know that it is a very challenging place for us to be in because we have so many animals that are in the system, and I’m very proud of our board.

It allows us to do this work.

We can’t rescue every single animal, but we have a very small number of animals in the shelter that we take on every single day.

We just want to give back and help as many animals as possible.

I don’t have a problem with that.

It makes me very proud.

We do a lot to help people.

We help rescue animals when we can.

I think it’s a really beautiful way of doing it.

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