Google News is one of the best places to find news and entertainment.

The company has long been known for its search engine, Google News, and the YouTube app, but it’s also known for what it’s doing with news.

Google News has created a new app that brings together news from around the web into one place.

It’s called Newsify, and it’s being developed by Google and the BBC.

Google has long built news apps for mobile phones, and now it’s taking the news app model a step further.

The new app will have a separate section for “popular articles” on the website, along with links to news stories.

It will also allow users to bookmark news articles they’ve already seen.

The app will also include “social sharing” of the stories, which will let you share them via Twitter and Facebook.

Users will also be able to “lobby” to add new news stories to the list, as well as “likes” and “shares.”

Newsify has been in beta since late April, and Google says that it’s already gotten a “great response” from users.

Google’s Newsify app will be available in Google Play and the Apple App Store, though it will not be available on the Xbox One.

It won’t be available for other mobile devices until late April.

The news feed will be the same one on YouTube that you would find on the news website.

It is also the same content that you’d find in the news feed on

Google says there will be two different ways to view news from Newsify.

“We’ve always made it easy to search and find articles by topic and title, but now you can also quickly find news on topics like weather, sports, and celebrity news,” said Mark McNally, general manager of Google News.

“You can search for the story by name, location, or keyword.”

For example, the following news stories are all searchable for “Weather: Is this the hottest day ever?”

You can search through the list of “popular” articles on Newsify for the word “weather” and then use Google News to find out more about that topic.

For example: weather “is” has been searched on Google News for the search term “is,” and “weather weather” has also been searched for the term “weather.”

The search feature has been available since April of this year.

Newsify is also working on adding new search engines to the News Feed to allow people to search for news articles.

Google is also launching an app called News Search, which allows users to search through news headlines by topic, location or keyword.

“News Search will be in beta by early June,” McNally said.

“It’s a great way to find the best news from across the web, from the news outlets that you love and want to share with your friends.”

Google also says it will be adding more native features to Newsify over time.

“When we launched Newsify in April, we said we’d build an awesome, native news feed that would be optimized for mobile devices, but with the latest developments, we’re confident we can make Newsify even better,” McNal said.

He added that Google Newsify will be coming to the Apple Watch as well.

“With the Apple TV, we’ve seen incredible growth from the iOS app,” McNall said.

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