We all know pet owners love their pets.

And in the end, they’re the ones who make a lot of money too.

But which anime girl is the best pet for you?

The question is a tricky one and one that’s probably easier said than done.

In a recent survey, a lot more anime fans (67%) said they would choose a pet who had good manners and a gentle disposition than a pet with strong personality traits.

But some of the more popular pet names include Nana, Nana Nana and Nana.

This is where pet names come into play.

According to the survey, the top three pet names were: Nana (36%), Nana Ako (27%) and Nannette (20%).

It’s worth noting that the survey was done in Japan and not in the US.

So, in the interest of fairness, the most popular pet name for Nana was actually Nana – I’m sorry, Nanna.

But even if you can’t choose between the top two, you’ll find plenty of pet names that could be suitable for a pet of your own.

Here are some pet names we love.

Read more: The poll was conducted by a company called Animal Friend, which has been helping people find their ideal pet.

More popular pet: Dolly the sheepdog, named for the BBC’s Downton Abbey, has been voted as the most favourite pet name.

Read More: Pet owners love to decorate their pets with colourful accessories, but the popular pet-themed animal products also have their fans.

Here’s a list of some of our favourite pet-related products and their most popular brands.

See the top five favourite pet names: Nanna, Nannie, Nanny and Nanny Nana Read the results of the survey: Which anime dog do you like?

The poll was also asked whether or not you wanted a cat, a fox or a poodle to accompany you on a day-long trip.

The results showed that the most common choice was a cat (37%).

However, pet owners also chose foxes (19%) and dogs (16%) as their favourite pets.

So it was the fox that came out on top with 31% of respondents choosing a fox to accompany them on their adventures.

But we were keen to hear what you thought.

What’s your favourite pet?

And if you liked the poll, we have a few more pet-friendly pet names you could try.

Take a look at our top 10 favourite pet products, or click the links below to see more results.

Animal Friend also has a poll asking if you’d like a cat to accompany your furry friends on a journey.

Watch a clip of this pet named Dolly, which was created by the Animal Friend team.

Nannie is a cute anime-themed pet from Animax.

This pet is a playful little fox who is part of the Animal Friends team.

It’s called Nanna and it’s available in many different colours.

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