In Japan, you can now watch a Japanese anime with cats and dogs crossing flowers in a virtual reality experience.

The anime’s director, Masato Takahashi, announced the news on the official Twitter account of the anime’s official website on Thursday.

According to Takahayas Twitter account, Takahashii ga Kyoukai, or The Rainbow Flower, is a story about two friends, Shiro and Takano, who are working in the flower market and their new pet, Sakura.

They get to know the flower seller and the pet store owner, and then Shiro starts to fall in love with Sakura, and so they end up falling in love too.

“There’s a lot of flowers and flowers’ love,” Takahas Twitter caption reads.

“I want to make it feel like it’s happening.”

It’s unclear whether Takahashes anime will be broadcast anywhere in the world, though fans of the popular anime series are likely eager to see the show in the West.

Last month, a YouTube video was released showing the creators of the hit anime show, Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha (Lyrical Tale of Love), using a video game console to create a VR experience for Sakura, the dog that plays a key role in the story.

The footage also showed the owners of a pet store selling Sakura flowers.

“Sakura, in our case, is the dog,” Takano said in the video, before adding, “Sakura loves flowers and wants to be a flower shop owner.

Sakura, we’re doing a virtual-reality show, Sakura-chan!”

The anime was first announced by Takahase on June 4, but it has since been delayed to September.

It has now been confirmed that the show will be coming to the West, but no release date has been announced.

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