Posted October 21, 2018 05:16:08 It was a huge success.

The Wolverine Animal Crossings, a crossover between the X-Men and the comic books, has sold more than 300,000 copies since its release in July.

The crossover was originally conceived by Wolverine, who is a cross between Wolverine and Wolverine and Animal Crossing characters, and also features a cross-over between Wolverine & Friends and The Adventures of Batman.

However, it was cancelled after just one month on the market because the publisher didn’t like the concept.

However in recent weeks, the publisher has changed its mind and decided to release the crossover in its entirety.

Wolverine & Friends is the main game, and the game was released last month.

However Animal Crossing Animal Crossing was released first, and that was the only crossover that did well in Australia.

The game sold well in its launch week and has already been downloaded more than 100,000 times.

It has already sold more copies than all the games released so far this year combined, including Super Mario Run and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

There were also plans for Animal Crossing on the Xbox One, and Animal Crossing was going to be released on PlayStation 4.

It wasn’t all good news for Animal Crossers fans, however.

There was a backlash on Twitter from gamers who found the game too difficult.

But many of the complaints were about the characters.

A lot of the criticism focused on the characters’ facial hair, especially in the X and Wolverine AnimalCrossing characters.

They were also criticised for not including the cross-overs that have been seen on other crossover games, like Marvel vs Capcom 3.

“Why didn’t you include the crossovers?” one user asked.

“What are they?”

Another wrote: “It’s just so boring.”

Another wrote, “The characters are all too bland, I don’t want to play any more of this crap.”

The publisher has yet to respond to the backlash, but it appears they are still listening.

“I hope you all enjoyed your time with Animal Crossing.

You were all a pleasure and I’m sure we will be seeing more Animal Crossing games in the future,” the publisher wrote on its Facebook page.”

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We’re all committed to making the best games we can.”

Topics:arts-and-entertainment,comics-and,games-industry,comic-book-writing,games,animal-crossing,tas,australia,aotearoa-2400,brisbane-4000More stories from Australia

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